Monday, June 21, 2010

Offshore for 2 weeks

Dear All, right now i'm in the middle of terengganu anything you want to contact me just email me .. i'll update my blog later..see ya

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My daily life

My routine life

On this blog, I just want to share a part of my daily life which is sometimes I would say that routine for past 7 months. As you know, I stay at Bandar baru bangi which is 35km distance from my working place. So, every day I need to wake up early at 6 o’clock in the morning and must depart from my house at 6.30am, can you imagine, this is my routine for past 7 months. Hahahaha

But this night I just want to share about my experience in LRT Putra, because this is one of my favourite public transports. Inside coach, sometimes I saw many different people with different habits and most important on how they think. Hhehe.. Its fun to observe their behaviour inside train..Ha-ha..Sometimes we can saw couple cuddling inside train and most time after peak hour. Not forget some weird people with weird hairstyle.haha..and the most funniest thing I ever see is one of bangla bring his luggage, I think he will be back to his hometown and bring huge luggage, maybe he bring souvenir for parent or bothers and sisters..hehe..but the funny part is he putted his passport size picture at his beg and he placed not only one, but 2 passport picture.haha.. I guess him afraid losing his luggage and obviously that inside his luggage must be precious things. Folk, be careful on doing so, hehe...see images below is my snap2 inside LRT using HP. hoho

If you can see from the picture where he put picture above his beg

haha...sory, no picture shown..this one example pic..hehe

Demam Piala Dunia

hello guys, guar kat mapley tgk bola ngan mmber..tgk argentina lawan korea...aku cam sokong argentina..tpi my heart still sokong Brazil boleh menang thun nie..hehe..keh2...tgk bola jap...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1st day Business trip to Jakarta,

Hello friends, today I would like to right a story regarding to my first day business trip to I need to write in English because at some point I think I need to sharpen my English writing and hopefully writing in English it’s doesn’t feel matter anymore to me… back to the story again, why right now I’m in this plane is because on last week my boss ask me if I interested to join project review? At first time, I was thinking twice because I have another thing to do and also I afraid it will be clashes with my family vacation at kuching where our last day at kuching should be on 6 June 2010.. so…then because my boss are trying to find another replacement and frankly I’m the one who in the office …so I have to accept it and when he said it will be conducted at Jakarta…wowwww…that the opportunity that I should not missed.. heehehhe..
So, my vacation was being short 1 day and I have to rearrange my flight schedule…it’s cost me 90 bucks for that …lousy airasia..hehe…sorry to said la because when you booking last minutes..My advice, better to take MAS because airasia have hidden cost that sometimes we miss…now I know how airasia got high revenue because it saves much money at operation and of course their hidden cost..hehe..Congrate to Datuk Seri Tony, you such brilliant CEO..hehe..

Back to business.. Now I’m flying with Malaysia Airlines and taking Airbus 330..very nice aeroplane and this plane is big ..hehe…surprisingly inside the place their have much more interesting facilities like their have monitor and headphone linking to the monitor..and their have FM..Their provide you with earphone..hehe..wonder what is look like inside business class…hehe…maybe someday I need to take business class n first class…this all about experience..Sometimes when we heard others say nice bout something, we always misinterpreted because our mind cannot imagine or recall what that.. so..When someone say about business class and the service inside their. I can imagine and join the conversation..huhu..even though you read book..Sometimes your mind was limited by your experienced and 50 cent thought
So..Its only few minutes for our flight to landing at Jakarta Airport..I need to stop typing..hohoh…maybe need to continue some more after I arrived at hotel..hehe
After my plane touch down at Jakarta International airport, luckily I found someone that I know him, maybe he came for business trip like I try to ask him weather we could have same taxi. So we first after we arrived at airport, we should undergo same immigration gate. I would say that Indonesia immigration gate is not efficient or very strict because of terrorist attach last year…so we have to wait for 2 hour to pass the immigration gate…what the …..Here...then, because of long queue, we have to separate and have to go to airport alone..,this is my experience at Indonesia…and I travel alone and we have to be careful when arrived at Indonesia airport…when I pass the custom check…there a lot of taxi company approached me to fetch me to hotel..Because I was early booked Grand Hyatt hotel, I prefer company that mention Hyatt hotel as their when I was searching for taxi… I saw Hyatt sign hold by the I thought, transportation is provided for Hyatt guess…here..Thats good..coz I’m afraid I will be cheated by taxi driver…so..I ask the worker…if my name in their list of guest..Then he check and confirm with the hotel lobby…so I wishpered that its my luckily day that the hotel provide me transportation...then he ask me…’pak, mau mobil ape pak’ , he mean that what car did I want for my transportation to hotel…and I’m replied…this have to pay?????he said that…of course..nothing is I asked him again…’berapa rupiah nyer pak’? he replied mau mobil ape pak, c-class, e-class or mau vell-fire alphad…pergh…what the cost for mentioned car, he said that for c-class, the price is 230000 rupiah…for e-class 270000 rupiah and vell-fire 400k rupiah…whatttttttt??/expensive…because before that, I was surfing the internet that the cost for airport to Hyatt hotel is only 100k..its double…and I thought it must be the Mercedes car…then…I said that I need to wait for my friend because this is to much..i need to find the blue bird taxi ( vios) I went outside to find better deal for my transportation, so I was approached by a lot of person or taxi driver and all want to cheat me by offer me 250k, demit expensive for vios, so I was thinking better to take grant Hyatt and then the taxi will be charge back to my hotel bill, then I take Mercedes c-class taxi and its only cost 230k, roughly RM90..hoho..demmm…my impression to Indonesia is negative and I would say that I hate to be cheated and its much be cheaper that I have to continue my journey because at that time is 7pm at I sit in front with the driver and I start a conversation with him because I want to know Indonesia and how their culture look like…so I start to talk…sapa nama bapak..And time flew with our conversation ….then when I arrived at Hyatt Hotel; I would say that this hotel is one of the expensive and luxury hotels because the hotel rate is 130 USD per night and 21percent service charge, quite expensive...hehehe...

So, most of my day I spend at office that located at Menara Batavia. My best experience in Jakarta is to try all limo taxi like Vell Fire and Mercedes E-class..and the rate quite cheap also..hehe..and not to forget that all day meal are provided for breakfast and lunch..for dinner you need to find by yourself. Huhu..But for me, this is the opportunity to try some local food and to have a view of Jakarta city at night..hehe..I

Saturday, June 5, 2010

3rd or last day at kuching

3rd day at kuching

This is my last day at kuching coz initially my flight is on Sunday evening together with my family, but on past Monday my bos ask me if I’m free on Monday 7th , because he need one rep from our department for attending Review project in Jakarta..hehehe…so I say yes…I;m free sangat2..hehehe…so tula sal aku kene balik sabtu malam coz aria had nie g Jakarta…hehe…so aku pon kene la tukar flight…then back to my vacation…today ktorg plan nak g Jong Crocodile farm coz my cousing nie suka sangat ngan buaya..dier nak jmpa ngan bujang senang nyer skull…tengkorak ..hehe..ktorg pon gerak la g sane pagi2..tapi before that we have our breakfast first biase kat kedai Kopi ‘o ..mmg sedap la dier nyer mee jawa…coz mee jawa kat serawak nie mmg special la..lage satu mee kolok…mmg sedap gler la..teringat mase aku kat miri coz time tuh mmg selalu makan mee jawa…hehehe….

so ktorg plan nak g Jong crocodile farm..tmpt nie famous coz ade banyak buaya and antara farm yang tertua kat sini..bile sebut farm mmg la ade jualan daging yang menarik kat sini korg leh tgk camne buaya makan ..coz diorg wat special skit coz hanging kan makanan..then buaya tu kene lompat untuk dapatkan makanan..mmg tnggi gak buaya leh lompat..dekat 2 meter..hehe..kalu naik boat tu senang2 dier leh sambar tangan..hehe..mmg rakus buaya2 kat ktorg xlepak lama coz nak g mum always said that xcomplete g kuching kalu tak g serikin coz nie tmpt shopping..hehe..mmg bes la kalu nak beli barang2 ke...mmg murah..coz ade barang yang xleh jumpa kat downtown ade kat sini..kalu tikar2 tuh kalu kat kuching rega dalam rm100..kat sini leh dapat rm35...cuma korg kene pandai tawar bile dah dekat kol 5ptg..ktorg kene g rumah cousin coz ade makan2 ..dier wat khas tuk kami..mmg bes and sempoi la makanan dier...but saya nak kene kejar flight balik..hehe..xbes tol..hehehe...

skip kat airport..hehe...saya sampai nak wat camne..layankan saya pon terus g la check in and rest..then another story..i'm seat beside orang xpela..diorg nie pandai amek attendtion pramugari..hehe..mmg mggatal la skit.hehehe...xpela..aku layan kan sampai umah rest coz nak prepare for another busy day..but it the best moment for my life coz its full with new energetic things..hehe.

Guess who...haha..plawak raja lawak astro..krog tgk dari belakng teka sape..aku naik satu flight ngan dier..haha..tapi aku cool jela..bukan famous sgt pon mamat nie..hehe..xde orang amek signature pon..hehe
haha..tngkorang bujang senang..panjang dier dekat 19 feet..dekat 3 meter lebih...cuak tak?

nie kat serikin tempat shopping

bersama tengkorak

depan pintu masuk crocodal farm..korg leh beli daging buaya...tapi kat sini ade skali nga pork..lagepon kte xleh makan buaya...kalu mmber2 non muslim ke leh la kot

Friday, June 4, 2010

2nd day at Kuching

2nd day at Kuching

Semalam saya dah cerita tentang cousing saya yang duk kat kuching…so smlm saya basiclly dah spend masa di rumah second day nie saya banyak hope dapat berjalan lebih lage saya and family plan nak sewa kereta…hehe…act saya dah lama plan nak sewa kereta coz ade mmber kate kite leh sewa kete persona rm100 sehari..hehe..dah area2 dekat kuching nie mmg jauh la nak ktorg plan nak g culture village coz dengar kat sane ade show psal etnik dan kaum2 yang utama di saya pon cari la dimudah..coz mase nie time cuti gawai..kebanyakkan kereta sudah disewa…terpaksa la pkai agen nak sewa kereta…so kami sewa kereta waja coz memula dier kat kete wira..then tukar jadi waja lak…cam keeling je xpela..amek kete waja pon bes gak coz selesa skit..coz kereta waja nie cam high lage…hehe….so skip to bab saya amek kereta waja nie…dier pkai empty tank je tuk minyak..hampeh gler la…udh la tak familiar ngan area kuching..hehe..bagi kete xde minyak..nasib baik la aku sempat je nak g stesen minyak…heheh…so ktorg gerak dari hotel dalam kol 10am..dier nyer show start kol mmg kne rush lge coz udahla xtau jalan, but yng kmi tau kne g area gunung santubong…huhu…first kami sesat sampai ke matang because were silap pandang bukit yang serupa santubong..hampeh betol…so me as driver coz my dad didn’t bring his licence coz dier simpan dalam kereta..kene la rush gler nak g sane,..hehe…trademark nak g culture village ialah damai golf resort coz kat sane xde pon signboard nak g ke culture village…for those yang memang xtau nak jalan..mmg ade suttle van disediakan tuk kesana…dalam rm12 seorang and sehala…so pergi balik dalam rm24 my advice kalu korg ade dalam 5 orang..better sewa kereta..coz xjauh besa sangat..thendon forget to bring GPS>…GPSSSS…serius kene ade coz signboard cam xbrape jelas..hehehe..korang leh sesat 2-3 jam…haha…aku pkai google map pon sesat…mybe GPS can resolve that issue..hehe…then kami sampai di culture village kol 11.15am..fuhh…nasib baik la tau brape nak masuk culture village dalam rm60 tuk adult la…so ade tips bagi yang masih ade student card just pay rm15..demmit murah but yang xbes xdapat passport cam orang bayar rm60…hehe..coz setiap umah2 kaum yang ktorg g kene cop la..baru lengkap la tour kami di culture show dier mmg menarik..dengan aksi sumpit menyumpit..hehehe…saya ade try guna sumpit..n mmg bes gler la..coz sumpit nie banyak jenis..ade yang pendek and oanjang..both saya dah try..n paling bes saya sumpit tin sumpit tu boleh tembus tin aluminium…gler bahaya…hahha..baru tau mmg bahaya gler sumpit tuh..hehe..and yang penting senang guna n mmg tepat… saya ade lampirkan gamba2..kalu nak explain setiap rumah mmg pening la..hehehe…so cut sampai kami makan la..coz makan paling bes..saya makan ayam penyet…rm8 sepinggan…mmg sedap la..hehe…saya ade letak gamba la kalu nak tgk..hehehe…then bile dah kol 2pm ktorg pon chow nak g taman Negara bako..hehe…so dari culture village nak g taman bako dalam 2 jam la..hehe..nie tambah sesat2 skit..hehehhe…well..wat do you aspect from first time driver in Kuching…hehehe…

Taman Negara bako…tempat nie mmg cantik..kalu korang perasaan dalam iklan Malaysia truly asia ade adegan diorg kayak kat area batu2 cantik..batu sandstone…kalu xsilap aku ktorg g area situ..mmg bes and happening event kami xmasuk kat HQ taman Negara Bako..and one more dangerous thing..coz kat jetty tu area sungai yang ade buaya besar..coz paling besar penah direkodkan dalam 12 feet lebey la…mybe ad ekes serang orang..hehehe..cuak gak..coz ade sign board ade buaya dalam sungai…mmg bhaya gak naik bot..bukan cuak lemas…tapi cuak buaya..hehehehehe…tapi aku rasa buaya kat area KL lage dasyat..hehehehe….mengalahkan bujang senang..hehe..coz kat KL yang dah kawen pon mengaku bujang..hehehe…so korang cek jela gambar2 yang aku lampirkan..heheh..

Nie nasi ayam penyet..kira antara yang famous kat sini la..try la..korg tgk ayam dier..besaqqq...
hehehe..dedepan pintu masuk culture village...kalu bulan 7 nie ade forest world music festival

This is our next trip to Taman Negara Bako..bess

Tgk signboard tuh...mane xcuak nak naik boat..hehehe..tapi ktorg balsah je..kalu ade buaya ktorg tangkap wat satay..hehe

Hehe..mata pandang mane lak tuh...belakang tuh kira batu sandstone..memg terkenal ngan hakisan dan keindahan hakisan tuh

Tgk batu unik...leh cek dalam iklan Malaysia truly asia

another rock

another view..mals nak eloborate lebih2

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Percutian Di Kuching, Sarawak 1st day

Gamba water front kuching...memang best la...kalu tgk ade ferry tu kalu nak naek rm60 seorang dan ade persembahan kat sane

nie laksa serawak...huhu...sedap gak compare to laksa serawak miri

Malas nak rotate gamba..ko just telengkan kepala..hehehe..on the way g tune hotel

same gak..telengkan kepala..kat airport

Salam, ape kabar semua orang yang membaca blog saya,..hehe...arini saya nak tulis pasal perjalanan saya di Kuching untuk hari yang pertama. Sebenarnya percutian nie xde la plan betul2 coz yang patut g kuching nie only my dad la...coz dier ade tournament golf antara my mum pon just folo skali...the my little sister lak ngah cuti my dad ajak skali untuk pon folo la..hahaa..walaupon lambat diberitahu psal g kuching nie...and lage satu my cousin mak long julie pon ikut gk...nie coz sbab dier xdapat folo g Pulau Pangkor...okeh...dah abes bab intoduction..

so..seminggu sebelom pegi...ktorg plan nak g try duk kat Tune Hotel idea tuh coz tune hotel nie murah la..but..hehe..xbrpe tuk sehari rate tune hotel rm60 la ktorg dapat..kira murah la...heheehhehe...tapi aircond 12 jam je..nak pkai lebey bayar..then yang paling xbest xde TV...nak TV add some more money...ceh..banyak hidden cost..hoho...then ktorg semua plan naik airasia..but saya nyer flight satu hari lambat and satu hari awal balik umah...hhehhe..

so on thusday lepas...saya pon amek cuti n that day saya naik flight ...this was my first time flying to Kuching...xpenah jejak kaki la kat sini coz dengar dari orang je keindahan kuching nie..hehehe...coz penah g miri and bintulu...then bile naek airasia..aku dapat la seat yang tepi tingkap..tapi mase aku nak duduk tgk dah ade orang duduk kat situ..mybe orang serawak..aku kate la 'that my seat' sambil tnjuk seat aku 28F...F tu tepi tingkap...mmg nak tgk pemandangan..ape kes naek kapal terbang tido..rugi duit je..yang mahal tu pemandangan dari atas..coz yang duk nie couple or dah kawen ke..orang kuching la..pastu cam nak kate xleh ke ktorg nak duk situ dengan nada kasar...bajet muka ganas la..hehehe.....tapi tah aku malas nak bertengkar...xpela..aku pon duk tepi kat laluan tu..tapi kecewa amat coz tiket aku beli nie mahal gak rm260 cam haram gak la..tapi tgk mybe diorg nie orang susah kot..aku bgi sedap hati la..ahahah..xslalu naek flight...then leave it jela...hahaaha...but still demmit..heehhehe..then aku pon trus je duk and baca surat khabar the sun...dapat free..bace la...lagepon xdapat tgk pemandangan kuala lumpur..demmit...hahahah...

sesudah sampai di airport..aku still kene on Hp tuk panggilan opis coz banyak benda xsetel kat opis...hehe..xpela..bercuti sampai carry netbook since saya sorg2 je kat kat airport...trus saya pergi ke Malaysia Tourist Center...tanye dier ape yang bes kat sni...then dier bagi checklist what things to do if you in Kuching...hahha..trus je tnye..first thing dier kate muzeum...hmmm...coz kat sini banyak muzeum..then dier kate culture village..coz kat tempat tuh banyak benda menarik....then g kampung air ke ape tah...xpela...nnti aku g tgk sendiri..heheh..then coz my family semuanye dah ade kat tune nak amek teksi la g sane..then tnye how much cost from airport to tune hotel...dier cakap only rm26...still mahal..nasib baik la tune hotel ade sediakan suttle van tuk kesana tiap2 sejam..ade kol 8am, 9am, 10am,..coz saya sampai kol 9 lebey..kene tnggu kol 10am..hohoho..then..tune hotel nie dekat ngan hilton and hotel2 kalu korg dtg sorg2 or berdua...amek la suttle van coz harga dier rm8 sahaja..murah la and selesa..naek van hiace yang besaq tuhh..

okeh..coz dah sampai kuching..kene cakap, kamek pon meneruskan perjalanan...nasib kamek baik coz kamek mbak pasport..coz passport nie penting untuk imigrasen perposes...then bile kamek sampeii hotel... trus kamek madah pada receptionist..sney blik 107...hehe..then dier madah, kitak knak amek lift kat sinun..hehe..sambil menunjuk kan jari ke lift tu..okeh...hehehe...okey da xyah nak poyo ckap serawak..hehe

then sampai bilik hotel trus jmpa mak..coz my dad g training golf...then my mum said that her cousin nak datang bawak jalan2 n makan..kira jalan2 cari makan..mmg bes la...nak describe kecantikan kuching nie mmg subjective kepada orang yang melihatnya..

kami g jalan2 rumah dier,,then g padang golf tempat tournament tuh...g tgk umah2 besar kat petra jaya...makan kat Kopitiam ape tah...saya makan laksa serawak..sedap gak bihun kari..hehe..then ktorg pusing satu kuching n mase petang g makan nasi ayam singapore..mmg murah la makanan kat kuching tak macam miri..coz nasi ayam tuh kedai dier cam chicken rice shop..hidangan dier sedap...serius la...ayam dier lembut..tapi 5 orang makan dalam rm48 je..kira worth la...kalu chicken rice shop da cecak rm 80 kot..hehehe..coz ade taugeh, kailan ,then tauhu telur tuh..die wat hidangan..nnti nak try..heheheh...then balik2 je hotel tgk my dad da ade..dier baru bangun tido lepas penat main golf...then dier trus ajak makan la...tpi ktorg teman la...nak g tmpt makan tuh kene naik la sampan...hehe..nnti saya attach gmba sampan tuh...hehe..makanana dier murah n sedap..okeh la, ,my favorite air kat sarawak nie ialah Teh C special...hehehe..yang ade 3 layer tuh..