Thursday, June 17, 2010

My daily life

My routine life

On this blog, I just want to share a part of my daily life which is sometimes I would say that routine for past 7 months. As you know, I stay at Bandar baru bangi which is 35km distance from my working place. So, every day I need to wake up early at 6 o’clock in the morning and must depart from my house at 6.30am, can you imagine, this is my routine for past 7 months. Hahahaha

But this night I just want to share about my experience in LRT Putra, because this is one of my favourite public transports. Inside coach, sometimes I saw many different people with different habits and most important on how they think. Hhehe.. Its fun to observe their behaviour inside train..Ha-ha..Sometimes we can saw couple cuddling inside train and most time after peak hour. Not forget some weird people with weird hairstyle.haha..and the most funniest thing I ever see is one of bangla bring his luggage, I think he will be back to his hometown and bring huge luggage, maybe he bring souvenir for parent or bothers and sisters..hehe..but the funny part is he putted his passport size picture at his beg and he placed not only one, but 2 passport picture.haha.. I guess him afraid losing his luggage and obviously that inside his luggage must be precious things. Folk, be careful on doing so, hehe...see images below is my snap2 inside LRT using HP. hoho

If you can see from the picture where he put picture above his beg

haha...sory, no picture shown..this one example pic..hehe

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