Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1st day Business trip to Jakarta,

Hello friends, today I would like to right a story regarding to my first day business trip to I need to write in English because at some point I think I need to sharpen my English writing and hopefully writing in English it’s doesn’t feel matter anymore to me… back to the story again, why right now I’m in this plane is because on last week my boss ask me if I interested to join project review? At first time, I was thinking twice because I have another thing to do and also I afraid it will be clashes with my family vacation at kuching where our last day at kuching should be on 6 June 2010.. so…then because my boss are trying to find another replacement and frankly I’m the one who in the office …so I have to accept it and when he said it will be conducted at Jakarta…wowwww…that the opportunity that I should not missed.. heehehhe..
So, my vacation was being short 1 day and I have to rearrange my flight schedule…it’s cost me 90 bucks for that …lousy airasia..hehe…sorry to said la because when you booking last minutes..My advice, better to take MAS because airasia have hidden cost that sometimes we miss…now I know how airasia got high revenue because it saves much money at operation and of course their hidden cost..hehe..Congrate to Datuk Seri Tony, you such brilliant CEO..hehe..

Back to business.. Now I’m flying with Malaysia Airlines and taking Airbus 330..very nice aeroplane and this plane is big ..hehe…surprisingly inside the place their have much more interesting facilities like their have monitor and headphone linking to the monitor..and their have FM..Their provide you with earphone..hehe..wonder what is look like inside business class…hehe…maybe someday I need to take business class n first class…this all about experience..Sometimes when we heard others say nice bout something, we always misinterpreted because our mind cannot imagine or recall what that.. so..When someone say about business class and the service inside their. I can imagine and join the conversation..huhu..even though you read book..Sometimes your mind was limited by your experienced and 50 cent thought
So..Its only few minutes for our flight to landing at Jakarta Airport..I need to stop typing..hohoh…maybe need to continue some more after I arrived at hotel..hehe
After my plane touch down at Jakarta International airport, luckily I found someone that I know him, maybe he came for business trip like I try to ask him weather we could have same taxi. So we first after we arrived at airport, we should undergo same immigration gate. I would say that Indonesia immigration gate is not efficient or very strict because of terrorist attach last year…so we have to wait for 2 hour to pass the immigration gate…what the …..Here...then, because of long queue, we have to separate and have to go to airport alone..,this is my experience at Indonesia…and I travel alone and we have to be careful when arrived at Indonesia airport…when I pass the custom check…there a lot of taxi company approached me to fetch me to hotel..Because I was early booked Grand Hyatt hotel, I prefer company that mention Hyatt hotel as their when I was searching for taxi… I saw Hyatt sign hold by the I thought, transportation is provided for Hyatt guess…here..Thats good..coz I’m afraid I will be cheated by taxi driver…so..I ask the worker…if my name in their list of guest..Then he check and confirm with the hotel lobby…so I wishpered that its my luckily day that the hotel provide me transportation...then he ask me…’pak, mau mobil ape pak’ , he mean that what car did I want for my transportation to hotel…and I’m replied…this have to pay?????he said that…of course..nothing is I asked him again…’berapa rupiah nyer pak’? he replied mau mobil ape pak, c-class, e-class or mau vell-fire alphad…pergh…what the cost for mentioned car, he said that for c-class, the price is 230000 rupiah…for e-class 270000 rupiah and vell-fire 400k rupiah…whatttttttt??/expensive…because before that, I was surfing the internet that the cost for airport to Hyatt hotel is only 100k..its double…and I thought it must be the Mercedes car…then…I said that I need to wait for my friend because this is to much..i need to find the blue bird taxi ( vios) I went outside to find better deal for my transportation, so I was approached by a lot of person or taxi driver and all want to cheat me by offer me 250k, demit expensive for vios, so I was thinking better to take grant Hyatt and then the taxi will be charge back to my hotel bill, then I take Mercedes c-class taxi and its only cost 230k, roughly RM90..hoho..demmm…my impression to Indonesia is negative and I would say that I hate to be cheated and its much be cheaper that I have to continue my journey because at that time is 7pm at I sit in front with the driver and I start a conversation with him because I want to know Indonesia and how their culture look like…so I start to talk…sapa nama bapak..And time flew with our conversation ….then when I arrived at Hyatt Hotel; I would say that this hotel is one of the expensive and luxury hotels because the hotel rate is 130 USD per night and 21percent service charge, quite expensive...hehehe...

So, most of my day I spend at office that located at Menara Batavia. My best experience in Jakarta is to try all limo taxi like Vell Fire and Mercedes E-class..and the rate quite cheap also..hehe..and not to forget that all day meal are provided for breakfast and lunch..for dinner you need to find by yourself. Huhu..But for me, this is the opportunity to try some local food and to have a view of Jakarta city at night..hehe..I

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